Omaha Hi-Lo Poker Card Counting System

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Like all games of chance, playing poker has its high points and low points. Everyone who has ever played poker before in their lives would realize that on a few days, each hand falls your direction and you rake in the rewards. On different days in any case, nothing goes right and you lose all your cash. Wouldn’t it be decent to have a dependable, simple to-utilize “mystery recipe” to assist you with excursion on those days?

Enter the Boyett Point Count System for Omaha Hi-Lo Poker

I was as of late acquainted with this digital book when my editorial manager messaged me a connection and requesting that I give it a genuine survey. I initially went to the Boyett Point Count site where they distributed measurements demonstrating the Boyett Point Count System being used furthermore depicted the framework as way less demanding and less complex to use than whatever other previous framework. Interested, I began taking in the framework and giving it some trial runs.

The first occasion when I utilized this framework was as a part of a trial run where I essentially managed cards to myself. Since the digital book prescribed the framework to be utilized with 7 or more players, I managed out nine hands around. At that point, I took a gander at every hand, ascertained the aggregate score of every hand utilizing the three given mathematical statements and recorded every score down. Toward the end, I brought the hand with the best score and played through the game. Sufficiently genuine, the hand won. I tried the framework again four more times, of these four, the framework won twice. The aggregate achievement rate for the Boyett Point Count System in the trial was 60%.

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Not by any stretch of the imagination persuaded at how the Boyett Point Count System would passage in a genuine field test, I attempted it again the following day on a well disposed game with 6 companions. In spite of the fact that I didn’t let them know of the framework, I didn’t wager any cash on it either as I was uncertain if the framework could hold up. Once more, I computed the aggregate score of my hand and just entered the game if my score was 30 or higher. The digital book guaranteed a half win rate with this procedure. Out of the 20 games I played, I won 8 of them, giving a 40% win rate. On the in addition to side, 40% isn’t that far away from half, in any case, regardless it implied that I lost the vast majority of the 20 games.

At last, I chose to give the framework one final possibility indototo. Assuming that the quantity of players could have accounted for the diverse achievement rates in the first and second tests, I rang 8 companions and tested them to another amicable game. Taking after the framework yet again and just entering once my score was 30 or more, I figured out how to win 8 out of the 12 games I played. This gave a 67% win rate, well inside of the edge expressed by the book.

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